OZXW-1TN Ozone Water Purifier


Model Name: OZXW-1TN

Max Water Flow Rate: 0.4 ton/hr

Internal Ozone Generator Output: 100mg/h

Power Source: AC110-120V or AC220-240

Power Consumption: 10W

Internal Ozone Generating Method:Corona Discharge

Power Activation System: Power activated by the flowing of water

Faucet Connection: Universal faucet connector

Case Size:170×95×210 mm3

Case : Stainless Steel

Net Weight: 2kg

*To users in England and the countries where use UK standard power plugs: We do not have UK standards power plugs. Users in these countries will get products with standard EU power plugs.


1. Water flow activation energy saving feature.
3. Efficient venturi ozone injection system.
4. Splash proof safety feature.
5. Low power consumption with high ozone output.
6. Easy to clean stainless steel case.
7. Durable construction.
8. Maintenance free.


Want to make instant Ozonated Water? OZXW-1TN is an Instant Ozonated Water Maker!

OZXW-1TN is a heavy-duty and continuous-flow Ozone Water Treatment System. Ozone treatment is a proven method to purify water and Ozonated Water (water mixed with ozone) is used to treat many diseases and for various cleaning applications. OZXW-1TN features a Venturi Injector. This feature allows more ozone to be well mixed with water.

The Energy Saving Feature allows it to run only when it detects the water flow. When one switches on the faucet, it automatically starts making ozonated water.

The whole unit is Splash-proof and the Stainless Steel case makes cleaning easy. No other maintenance is needed. Simply wipe it clean with a damped cloth.


OZXW-1TN Ozone Water Purifier

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