Just air and water

You can get a lot with a micro- bubbler. Improve the quality of life while protecting the environment without changing anything.


Deep cleaning
Degradation of pesticide residues
Release a large amount of negative ions
conserve water
No energy, no consumables,
Do not change the habit of using water

Installation is very simple:

The micro bubble generator is simple and convenient to install. It can be used directly by screwing it on the faucet!

Usages in Bathroom:

• Ultra-fine bubbles penetrate deep into the pores of the skin, deep cleansing the skin
• Sterilization and decontamination
• Exfoliate
• Eliminate fatigue
• Prevent skin aging
• Promote blood circulation
• Activate hair follicles to promote hair growth
• Keep skin soft, smooth and white
• Reduce water use and save water

Usage in Kitchen:

• Ultra-fine bubbles can penetrate deep into the food structure and wash away excess impurities.
• Use ultra-micro bubbles to achieve sterilization and remove dirt from food surfaces.
• Can coat grease to remove oily dirt from the dishes
• Reduce the use of detergents and dishwashing detergents
• Remove food surface contamination
• Reduce water use and save water
• Sterilization and decontamination

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Micro Bubble generator Faucet Aerator FBA-01

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