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In 2003, we started to sell ozone generators to USA and other countries on ebay. Because the lower price and the high quality of our products, our ozone generators are being accepted widely around the world.

Now, we mainly sell our products by our dealers. This retail store is a easy tool for those customers who wanted to buy from us or they can not locate a dealer close to them.

We specialize in ozone generator, air and water purifier manufacturing. We design products for both commercial and residential applications. Beside stand-alone ozone generator, we make OEM products. They are widely used for water dispensers, coolers, laundry washers and other residential or commercial equipment. We can also custom design an ozone generator (OEM) for your existing equipment.

We are in ozone generator industry for many years. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer services. We are committed to providing only quality and safety proven ozone generators. Our products are utilizing the most advanced Corona Discharge Technology. By rigorous testing, our ozone water purifier and ozone air purifier products are able to produce pure ozone with more available oxidizers for effective purification and sterilization.

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