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Aquarium UV Sterilizer UVC LED UVC-310

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The ENALY UVC LED UVC-310 offers a chemical-free and maintenance-free way to purify water, and eradicates suspended bacteria and algae in the water column that contribute to cloudy and green water, respectively.


Helps prevent the growth of cyanobacteria that often smothers and destroys aquatic plants.
UVC LED last up to 10,000 hours, much longer than traditional fluorescent light bulbs.
Energy-efficient, only uses 4W electricity power
For use in freshwater, saltwater and even turtle aquariums where algae is often present


Model: UVC-310

Light bar size: 130*16*8mm

Power supply voltage: AC110-240V

Power consumption: 4W

Optical power: 10mW*3

Wavelength: 265nm

Timer mode: L: work for 1 hour and stop for 3 hours (cycle)

N: work for 1 hour and stop for 2 hours (cycle)

H: work for 1 hour and stop for 1 hour (cycle)

What are included:

1 UVC LED lamp strip

1 Timered  power supply unit

2 Clips for fitting into tubes or pipes ( only for tubes or pipes with the diameter between 26mm-30mm and length greater than 135mm)

2 Suction disc

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions200 × 100 × 60 mm

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